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What Do you Need to Start Rubber Stamp Business?

LH Tech Trading offers various machine, from the basic Traditional Rubber Stamp Machine, to the most advance Flash Stamp Machine, Sticker Machine / Bar Code Printer, Laser Machine, and ID Card Printer! All machine specially designs and cater for industries or businesses like:
  • Professional Rubber Stamp Maker
  • Art Stamp Maker
  • Photostating Shop
  • Printing Company
  • Signage Company
  • Premium Gift Supplies Company

What Do You Need to Start your Rubber Stamp Business?

1: Rubber Stamp Machine + Materials

Rubber Stamp Machine-LHA4


Rubber Stamp MaterialsRubber Stamp MaterialsRubber Stamp Materials


2: Flash Stamp (Preink) Machine + Materials

Flash Stamp (Preink) Machine


Flash Stamp (Preink) MaterialsFlash Stamp (Preink) MaterialsFlash Stamp (Preink) Materials


On top of the above 2 popular type of machines, business owner can provide value added service by providing up to date cute and colorful cartoon stickers and Smart Card / ID cards printing services by investing in our most famous TSC Sticker printer, and FARGO ID Card Printer too.

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Have been using LH desktop engraver for few months, just love it so much! If you want to differentiate the different brand of laser engraver ...
Good quality, Good Service. Good Price. 最重要,没有后患之忧! LH,继续加油!
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