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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

By use of the Site, you agree to use the Site in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the terms and conditions discussed below.

Site Guidelines
The following is a non-exclusive list of actions and content those are not permitted on the Site:

         i.            Any use of copyrighted material without the express permission of the author or owner.

        ii.            Pages that exploit the images of anyone under the age of 18.

      iii.            Material that we deem to be grossly offensive, including clear expressions of bigotry, racism, or hatred.

       iv.            Messages, web pages, or communications of any kind that promote illegal activity.

        v.            Material that defames, abuses or threatens others.

       vi.            Making available copyrighted software which has been "cracked" - i.e., the copyright protection has been removed from the software.

     vii.            Making available serial numbers for software which can be used to illegally validate or register software;

    viii.            Making available tools which can be used for no purpose other than for "cracking" software.

User agrees to indemnify LH TECH and any third-party information providers against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising from the User's use of the Site. This expressly includes: (i) User's responsibility for any and all liability arising from the violation or infringement of proprietary rights or copyrights and (ii) any libelous or unlawful material contained within User's Web Page or other portion of the Site.

Termination of Service
LH TECH may terminate any and all information, communications, or Postings, at any time, without notice, for conduct that violates this Agreement or other policies or guidelines set out by LH TECH elsewhere on the Site. LH TECH may terminate and delete any and all information, communications, or Postings,for online conduct that LH TECH believes is harmful to other Users, the business of LH TECH, or other third-party information providers.

Fees for unsolicited commercial e-mail
LH TECH will apply the following charges to unsolicited commercial e-mail that passes through the Site.

1.       For each Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail message received at the Site: $500 per copy

2.       For each Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail sent via the Site: $100 per copy

3.       Cleanup charge for service termination related to Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail: $1000 per incident

4.       Administrative charge for redirection of "remove me" or other "abuse" messages related to forged headers in Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail: $100 per message

5.       We will also charge for any legal fees or other costs we incur while dealing with the incident.

Choice of Law
This Agreement shall be construed and controlled by the laws of the Malaysia, inclusive of Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998 (, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Any dispute arising hereunder will be governed by the laws of Malaysia. The User agrees to personal jurisdiction by the State and Federal courts of Malaysia.

If you have any questions regarding the information on this page please contact 603 92588888.
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