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PRODUCTS Flash Stamp Machine & Materials

Make Your Own Quality Flash Stamp in Seconds!!!

Flash Stamp Machine (Pre-ink Stamp Machine) - LHF2

LHA4 Flash Machine

Searching for a stamp machine to produce rubber stamp fast, quick and clean?

LHF2 flash stamp machine is one of LH Tech best selling product, specially used to make water prove stamp and multi color stamp.

Advantages of flash stamp machine system are:

  • High Margin and Low Production Cost
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • No negative required
  • No Developing Chemical
  • Neat and Tidy

Materials Needed for Making Flash Stamp

Making of flash stamp basically need 5 materials:
  • Laser Printer - This is important to ensure a sharp printing quality. Do not use Ink-Jet Printer.

  • Oil Based Ink - An oil based ink make sure you have a water prove stamp produced.

  • Tracing Paper & Exposure Film - As an output of your design

  • Flash Foam - Flash Stamp Machine will expose the image from the tracing paper & exposure film onto the flash foam.

  • Flash Stamp Holders - Different types of flash holders for different need.

Do visit our Flash Stamp Making Machine Video for the How-To Process in FAQ Section.
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Flash Stamp Holders

With the flash stamp machine / pre-ink stamp machine (LHF2), you can make the foam to fit into (click to view the size list):

*I am also looking for traditional type of  Rubber Stamp Machine

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